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"Früher wurde noch mehr nachgedacht!"

"Wo Bücher nicht nur Ware sind!"


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Artists biographies, e. g. for KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig, Medien, Erneuerbare Energien (e. g. for Photon, Technology), Complete website texts for Business Consultant / Mediator (Ildigo Juhasz).

Video of Russion opera

Khovanshchina by Mussorgsky


KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig(one of my key translation customers). I translate and update many of their artists biographies, which also serve as press releases for internat. record labels/record companies, concert management agencies etc.).

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Artists represented by KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig whose biographies (and bio-updates) I translated into English include:





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Ghostwriting: (amongst others) for Munich based commercial lawyers, authors, journalists and further freelancers (I respect the necessary discretion and therefore cannot link to relevant websites!).


sample works as pdf-File.

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 Solarsex orgin progress.


Eisbachsurfer my new photography website - in progress.

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Photo publications:

in AZ München, MM Müchner Merkur, Bildmaschine etc.

Photographic assignments for:

Artists Management Agency Hilbert Artists Managementand record label Ozella Music.

Photos for Music-CD:

CD_Coverfotos © Kilian TribbeckCover-pictures for CD "Time Traveller" by Roger Matura (2005). Record label: ozellamusic of Dagobert Böhm.

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Extra in film, tv-serials and opera:

I was an extra in russian opera "Khovanshchina" at Bavarian State Opera (Strelitze, Neugläubiger, Altgläubiger etc.). Continuous changing of wardrobe, enthralling and overwhelming music and choirs. Somewhat more distressing than being an extra in films ("Mozart in München", "Irgendwie und sowieso", TV-promotional clip, "München 7", "Snowden" (directed by Oliver Stone), "Dönerboy" (directed by: Johannes Kotzke), which I find far more interesting and exciting than rather waiting for hours as in tv- and film productions.